Cover art (not final yet)

‘Dungeons of the Oak Dell’ is a dungeon crawling roll & write game for 1 to 4 players, inspired by old-school PC classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, and Grimrock.

Alongside rondel and dice drafting mechanics, determining how you will attack, how far you can delve into the dungeon, and what will be the consequence of your move, it also introduces an innovative and immersive fighting system, allowing players to almost feel every hit they deal to a monster!

It is also crucial to hit specific parts of some monster’s body to finish it faster or disable some of its abilities. Each beast presents a different challenge, with unique skills and behaviors.

During the game, players will also level up their heroes and delve into different dungeons full of traps, locked doors, treasures, and other surprises. Their goal will be different depending on the current quest.

The game will include a roguelite solo mode.


  • character/class sheets
  • dungeon maps
  • monster cards
  • dice sheet
  • STL files: shields (rulers), sword hilts (for markers) and insert
  • cover art
  • box DIY video
  •  …
  • The amount of content (like dungeon maps, monster cards etc) will depend on the number of unlocked stretch goals during Kickstarter campaign.

More information soon!

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