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About acorns

Przemysław Fornal

Przemysław Fornal graduated from a design school, after which he founded the TO DESIGN project company. In his nearly two-decade career, he has realized several hundred creative projects, including board games, comics, and educational packs. He is a fan of art, board games, European comics, Lego, and traditional archery. He is the author of titles such as TERRACOTTA ARMY, Musicians from Bremen, Blossoms. He lives and works near a forest, which serves as a source of inspiration for him.

Michał Łopato

Michał Łopato is a passionate gamer engaged in a wide range of game types, including tabletop, RPGs, PC, and escape rooms. For nearly 3 years, he has been leading the Kickstarter section in the Board News program on OntableGryPlanszowe, a prominent Polish YouTube channel devoted to tabletop games. Alongside creating puzzles for escape rooms and terrain games, he dedicates his spare time to developing board game prototypes, aiming for them to be as sturdy as an oak tree that grows from a planted acorn.

The main goal of “Two Acorns Games” is to create roll and write games in a print and play format that catch the eye and stand out with simplicity, while also containing significant depth.


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